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sex with my friends mom and his siter
sex with my friends mom and his siter

hi to all my lusty frinds its a story which am going to describe you now is really hapened with me before 15 days.

let me describe about sanjeev 20 years 5 '9' average looks penis of size 7'.my freind rajeev same as me . rajeev's mother sexy bitch of 38-30-38 and her daughter paaaaaaaaaaaa what to tell figure like ayesha takia.

story :-
one day all of suddenley me & rajeev maked a plan to hang out some where . and we decided to go singapore for a week.from my family nobody were coming and i before heard that in singapore there are many saloons in where gals are givin hot massage with their soft and rajeev both were heavy drunker . and we are feeling excitement about singapore and their bar and their bar dancers

me rajeev her mom and her sister sanjana started from chennai.we already booked a room there from here itself we booked 2 rooms one for gals and one for us. never saw aunty and sanjana with that eyes.

we reached singapore. we all were bit tired and wents in prespective rooms. after having bath sanjana and rima aunty came in our room. they both were looking stunning aunty were in dark brown colour saree with upto navel cut and sleevless blouse whi; sanjana were in mini skirt & top which showing her boobs calvage shape and size.

first time my penis got erect up by seeing them and it started paining in my trousers . the way i were talking any one can understand that whats going in my mind.then rajeev came from bathroom and we planned to go out in some discos.

we went in one disco , i was not agood dancer but the music started making my feet and rajeev started drinking beer and sanjana and rima aunty came there and joined us . all were quite heavy drink i was missing rajeev i saw him dancing with other gals and pressing their boobs in between .

sanjana & rima aunty said me common sanjeev lets dance with us. we started dancing me in between in those 2 sex goodess. slowly and steaddy drinks started reacting . and both of strted pressing their body against me . me side by side started pressing their boobe..i got very aroused and planted kiss on sanjana while her mother were pressing her boobs against me.suddenley rima aunty pulled my face and said you naughty boy you dont wan this hot aunty kya. i planted kiss on her lips and started caressing her boobs very tightly . she moaned like anything .

at the same time rajeev came and asked and suddenley what the hell going on...rima aunty said we are not in india we are in swiiz and we should accept customs of here ...and that time sanjana planted kiss on his brother lips. rajeev stated fondling her sisters breast like a monster. rima aunty saw me and smiled and said buy 1 packet of condom while going home i said ok. she said to them lets go home . as per saying i went general store there bought condom packet.

when i reached home i saw rajeev were licking her mum cunt and sanjana were playing with her mum's breast and aunty were moaning ahaaahhhhh ahaaahhh plz chod do plz mar jaungi ungli dalo . i undressed myself and put my cock in rima's mouth she was a great sucker i said rajeev your mum is awesome that makes rime bit jealous she said let me suck she started sucking my 7 ' inch became 8 ' i was moaning very hard ahhh aur dalo suddenly rima aunty pushed her three finger in my asshole i screamed with pain and pleasure ahhhh ahhh aunty you mother daughter bot are randis . that makes me more horny.

i put my penis on sanjana cunt and pushed inside she screamed with pleasure ahhh ahhhhhhhhh plz fuck me bastard mov in more inside but suddenley rima aunty sat on reema's face. reema stated licking her cunt and rajeev put her penis in her mum's mouth . rajeev came and pushed all her cum in mum's mouth rima aunty got up from sanjana mouth and started kissing her . both togetehr share his cum they were looking like aboslute bitches .

by seeing this i declared am gong to cum suddenley sanjana lift me back ,pulled out my penis tuk out the condom and started sucking widin few seconds i cummed in her mouth she spil all the cum on rajeev face and said her mum u bloody whore lick that and she pulled her hair and mekd her to lick her son's face with cum.

we all get exhausted i got an idea i was in mood for more pleasure. i bought some liquid choclate from freeze and put on aunty's body. we all started licking her body aunty was in no control she was moaning plz fuck me bastards plz i beg you plz fuck me .. sanjana put one finger in her mother ass hole put som choclale there she put again finger inside and put that finger in her mum's mouth.

by seeing this rajeev could not able to control and he pumped inside her hard penis in her mum cunt. i stopped him . i said aunty needs mor. i make rajeev to sleep on floor and aunty to ride on him . rajeev put his penis inside aunty screamed oh son ! take me to heaven was waiting this for so long plz fuck me mor inside plz i

i got another idea i bend aunty's and burned my penis inside her ass hole.she was in pain and started shouting . to stop her voice sanjana placed her cunt on her mum cunt aunty started chewing her cunt.

was not able to control anymore neither anyone there .
we all cam together . that was an abosuletely good noght of my life . please mail me your sugeestions or if u want real sex then mail me on

if u like then will write more incidents . plz guys dont message and ask do u have any gal . any couple if intrested in group then contact me. everything will be confedential.

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